Accidental Scones

Happy National Raspberry Popover Day!

I woke up today feeling like a human being again so I had high hopes for this one.  Like most baked goods though, I’ve never attempted to make popovers of any kind before.  I actually didn’t know what popovers were until I started dating Ryan and we went out to dinner with his parents.  Popovers were not a thing we ate growing up, or if we did at some point I’ve blocked it from my memory.

I’m going to be honest.. I don’t get the hype around popovers.  If it was Kings Hawaiian Day I would understand.  I fucking love those little buttery nuggets.  But what even is a popover?  They’re just puffy muffins right?

I also need to preface this whole experience by saying that I asked Maggie, our 7 year old, to help me make the popovers.  She’s generally not big on helping in the kitchen but I bribed her with the promise of a lemon.  She loves lemons.  Actually both kids do – it’s so weird.  Does anyone else have kids who will just suck on lemons?

Anyway… I forgot that, despite her general dislike for cooking, Maggie loves to watch Nailed It on Netflix…

If you’re unfamiliar with this show, three home cooks/bakers attempt to recreate extravagant baked goods with the hopes of winning a cash prize.  A lot of fondant is used.  It’s essentially three of me just flailing in a kitchen competition.  In Maggie’s ratings of food she often compares things to whether or not they look like they could be on Nailed It.  When I baked a somewhat cute but somewhat scary cat cake for her 7th birthday she declared it a Nailed It cake… and she doesn’t mean the ones they’re trying to replicate…

So with that all being said, please keep in mind that throughout this whole experience a small child was giving me baking tips that she learned from Nailed It…. and I happily took most of her advice because in all honesty she probably has acquired more baking knowledge from that show than I have in my whole life.

On to the popovers!

I used a recipe from Driscolls because a berry producing company seemed trustworthy.  Also it was the first one that Pinterest suggested.  I was doomed from the beginning…

One of the first steps in the recipe was separating eggs.  *long sigh*

After the pudding egg incident, a friend shared with me the technique of passing the egg between your hands to separate the yolk from the whites.  It’s gross, but he wasn’t wrong.  I didn’t love it, but no yolks were lost in the making of these popovers.  There was still the great struggle of the dangly bits, but maybe all egg separations require navigating the gooey egg snot that won’t come off?

Next we zested our citrus fruits and had a nice debate about whether or not Maggie needed to eat a second lemon from the fridge.  The answer was ‘No’.  We also went down a rabbit hole of whether or not sugar is considered a ‘wet’ ingredient or not… I don’t know very much about cooking, but I’m 99% sure I’m right about this one. Sugar is a wet ingredient, right mom?

Here’s where it really went wrong.  The recipe said to mix the ingredients until they were just combined but still lumpy.

That’s too vague for me.  How lumpy is lumpy?  Should it be dough like or just a hot mess of ingredients?  I need pictures in my recipes.  I need step by step guides that show me what something should (or shouldn’t) look like as I cook.  Where are those recipes at?!

Honestly, at this point the whole cooking experience took a turn for the worst and the best way I can explain it is via video clip.. so please enjoy this hot mess express:

So here they are… the least popped popovers to ever exist.  After tasting them, they’re actually delicious.. they’re not popovers though.  They’re like little dense fruit biscuits.  Scones. They’re fucking round scones.

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