Let’s Try This Again…


Well… that went swimmingly…

You might be thinking, “What the hell happened?!”

But in all honesty, if you’re reading this then you are probably related to me, live with me or have known me for years – in which case you know why the project stalled.

If, by some small miraculous chance, you are a stranger I will simply say this: Life happened.  It was messy, it was hard, but it’s currently being rebuilt.

So why pick this back up?

Why not.

Right now our lives feel like a never ending dream – like we are watching some crazy thriller movie that never ends.  Personally, I need something to laugh at, even if it’s just laughing at myself.  I need an outlet that wakes me up from the dream for a few moments and reminds me to find joy again.

So here we are: four years later.  We are in a new house with a bigger kitchen, I’ve accumulated a few more kitchen gadgets that I have no idea how to use, and maybe.. just maybe… I’ve learned how to make stiff peaks out of heavy cream.

Wish us luck… I’m going to need it…

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