Cappuccino and Civic Duty

Happy National Cappuccino Day!

It’s nice to have a little break from all the meat squishing – there’s also a sink full of dishes to be washed so it’s nice to have a few easy days to catch up!

I threw off my favorite baristas at Claddagh by ordering an almond-milk cappuccino today, but it was well worth it!  I’ve been a black coffee gal for so long that sometimes I forget how delicious warm almond-milk can be on a crisp fall day!  Combine that with 30 minutes of uninterrupted reading time?  Prefect lunch break.


Today happens to also be November 8, election day.  Ryan and I have been counting down to today for – what feels like – a year.  We caucused proudly for Bernie, were disappointed but not surprised when he wasn’t the nominee, then tried SO hard to tune out the entire election process.  Those commercials… seriously?!  Can we adopt a week long no election commercials leading up to the election policy PLEASE!!

There is nothing more depressing than watching two grown adults (older than my parents) arguing like children.  My toddlers aren’t as mean as our candidates (one more so) have been.

As today grew closer, I found myself really considering the outcome of this election.  Ryan likes to describe a Trump victory as the alternate future in Back to the Future – with Biff Tannen as the future leader of the country.  The more I think about it, he’s probably right!  It also occurred to me that, beyond having the opportunity to vote for the first major party female nominee, this election has the potential to determine Nick and Maggie’s choices in the future.  Our next president will affect the balance of the Supreme Court with the opportunity to nominate the “swing vote” seat that is open.  There’s a lot riding on that.

I’m not a die-hard Hilary fan – in fact, our household borders on being “Bernie or Bust” – but in the words of Bill Maher: “This is not the year for a protest vote. This year is different”.  I will say though, that Hilary has more class in her little toe than a lot of adults I know, and I have an immense amount of respect for her as a mother and a working woman.  And in terms of options, I have infinitely more faith in her ability to continue our country down a path of progress, tolerance and acceptance than the “angry man”.

So, like many of the parent’s from work and several friends, I put on my pantsuit this morning to proudly join the ‘Pantsuit Nation’ in support of Hilary Clinton.


After work, with Maggie in tow, I cast my ballot with hopes of making history.  I know that Maggie will likely not remember sitting at a little table with me while I filled in the bubble next to Hilary’s name, and she will likely not recall the tears in my eyes as I thought about all the women in the world who were looking to Hilary to prove we are nearing a point in our lives when gender is not a qualifying trait for anything – and all the daughters who are looking to Hilary to prove that they really can grow up to be anything they want to be. I hope, though, that she will remember her parents teaching her about love, tolerance and the capacity of all human beings to do great things in life.  I hope that she will remember that her parents tried – really fucking hard – to practice those values every day.

At 9pm, I went to sleep – Hilary was in the lead – I had hope.


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