So Much Meat!

Happy National Sandwich Day!

I had been promising Ryan burgers for quite awhile now… so I made an executive decision tonight that  cheeseburgers and sandwiches are the same thing….

It possibly cheating…

For the second night in a row, I squished my hands in a bowl full of meat and tears.


I don’t know how people do this regularly without being freaked out – it’s literally a bowl full of animal insides that I’m fondling.  “Gingerly squeezing” is a better phrase to describe my method of combining meat and spices.  At least when it’s beef, I can pretend that the “grass fed, step 4” beef from Whole Foods isn’t a complete lie and the cows were treated somewhat better than the Market Pantry cows.  Ryan regularly reminds me that it’s all bullshit and “cage-free” or “grass-fed” definitely does not mean “loved and cared for like a part of the family”…

For being someone who doesn’t like touching meat – or cooking meat – burgers (on the stove) are on the short list of things I know how to make without a recipe.  I’ve watched Ryan prep burgers enough times that I can base my recipe off what I’ve seen him use: I know there’s Worcestershire sauce involved, definitely salt and pepper, and – when in doubt – I use the magic “blackened” seasoning that we impulse bought for 99 cents once.


To spice it up tonight, I added vegan cheese to mine (real cheese for the lacto-lovers) and crispy onions from a can.  Because crispy onions are the shit and should be served on everything.  While the burgers tasted great, there’s a good chance I’m not very good at judging the correct size to make them…. the bun to burger ratio was a little wonky!


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