Chocolate Safe Choice

Happy National Chocolate Day!

There were a few options I could take with this one: try and make something from scratch (I had the day off from work so it was a realistic option), make something from a box that we already have, or just eat one of the many chocolate bars floating around our house during the Halloween season.

I debated the first option – looked at the sink full of dirty dishes – briefly considered the third option, which felt like cheating – then decided to make some chocolate chunk brownies from a box that we had in the cabinet!


The odds of me screwing this up were very small.  There was even a small chance that I could nail it and make some awesome brownies from this box!

I gathered then necessary ingredients then read the directions, which seemed oddly specific.


I forgot to rotate the photo, but it states – very specifically – to stir the batter “50 strokes with spoon”.  Was there really someone in the Pillsbury kitchen who experimented with the correct number of times to stir the batter?!  And what happens if I stir it 51 times – will chaos ensue and the brownies will fail?!

I really wanted these to turn out – I was determined to both surprise and delight Ryan with these brownies – so I decided today was not the day to rebel against the instructions.  It killed my soul a little, but I followed the damn box and stir the mix together EXACTLY 50 times.

And I used a spoon, even though Ryan insists it’s better to use a spatula.

While stirring, the batter turned super thick and basically impossible to stir… I was pretty convinced at this point that I had somehow already messed up the brownies!!!  Also, Mag and Nicky were playing ‘Life’ while this happened and were not amused with Mom’s weird stirring and counting situation….

I plopped – once again the most accurate word to describe what happened – the batter into the pan and thought “huh, that doesn’t look right.”


Should brownie batter look like one big chocolate turd?  In my mind, it should have looked like chocolate cake batter that could be easily moved around in the pan.  Instead it was thick chocolate poop.  I spread it around as best I could while simultaneously (mentally) comparing it to something I have found in a toddlers diaper.  It was going well.


Through some miracle, or perhaps because I followed the damn recipe for once, they turned out great!  Ryan ate two pieces before I could even take a photo of the finished product!  Between Ryan, our friend Ruth and the kids the whole pan didn’t last 48 hours!

Take that, Pillsbury shit batter!  I win!


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