Maggie’s World

Happy National M&M day!!!

I lucked out with this one – we leave for Las Vegas today and there is NO WAY I could have cooked anything!! Plus, for the first time in weeks there aren’t any dishes in the sink and Ryan would have an aneurysm if I made a mess…

So instead of a cooking disaster, here’s some weird things Maggie said today. Because she’s 16 on the inside.

1st: she insisted that she have “tie-dye” hair because “Grandma will love it!” 

Can you tell she’s excited to spend time with Grandma and Papa?!

2nd: She informed me of all the things that make Grandma’s house more fun than our house.

Mag: Did you even know that Grandma has juice for me?!

Me: Oh? I know you love juice.

Mag: (leans in REAL close and whispers) and treats. She has treats.

Me: Is that a secret?

Mag: No. I just like treats. She has toys for me too! Lots of toys! I just love Grandma’s house!

Me: I can tell!

After some silence she added:

Mag: Oh, and Papa lives there too. 

Sorry, Papa, Grandma and her treats are just too exciting!

3rd: Mag likes to make up songs, which is usually delightful but sometimes turns a little creepy. Here are some lyrics I overheard today:

“Take it in your miiiiinnnnd…. take it in your miiinnnd!”

“You can’t ruuunnn, you can’t ruuunnn like a hooorrrssee… or a zeeeeeeebra!”

“Grandma is coming soooon. SOOOOON!”

…….. I can’t figure out where these songs came from…

Mag and I shared a pack of M&M’s before Grandma came to pick her up. Because mommy has treats too damnit!

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