Happy National Taco Day!

Yes, you read that correctly… it’s National Taco Day. The day after it was National Soft Taco Day. Because some asshole thought they needed two separate days. 

I love tacos and everything, they have a lot of meaning in my life, but I only want to eat them once a week. And I only want to accidentally touch my eyeball with onion fingers once a week.

Yeah. That happened. 

I was running late from work so I asked Ryan to dice an onion for me to speed up the process. 

He reluctantly obliged and then *tried* to be extra helpful by “sweating” the onions. In a dry pan without oil. Unattended. 

I’m no kitchen wizard but on the short list of things I know about cooking is: onions on high heat in a dry pan will get burnt and stick to the pan…

I came into the kitchen upon getting home, panicked at the onions and started scooping them out of the pan with a spatula and my fingers. 

Could I have just added oil to the pan and stirred them around?

Sure. But that would have involved thinking rationally instead of being in a panicked state. 

Then I tried to get an eyelash out of my eye. It burned. It burned so bad! 

With one eye closed in pain, I sort of made tacos again. They were pretty dry… and a little cuminy… 

Good news though, I can open my eye again!

Sad, sad taco. 

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