Hug A Server

Happy National Food Service Employees Day!

This should be a monthly holiday.  Seriously. Once a month all restaurants should close to give servers, cooks, bartenders – all the people who deal with us at our worst – a much needed (PAID) day off.

This should be a thing for retail workers too.  Actually, any customer service job – free paid day off once a month because humans are assholes.

I spent many years working first as a hostess, then server, then retail employee and finally  as a barista and manager before going into teaching.  It’s an incredibly challenging career both mentally and physically. (I say this as someone who corrals toddlers for a living – their jobs are harder.)

People are seriously the worst in restaurants.  Not all people – there are far more gems than there are stones – but the terrible ones?  They are the worst kind of humans.

We celebrated the day by visiting the farmer’s market with my friend Katharine. We ordered lemonade at the stand, tipped heavily and wished the workers a Happy Food Service Employees Day!  Once again we confused people.



We wrapped up the night with Pizza Luce take out – and another confused Food Service Employee… Aren’t restaurants telling their employees what day it is?!

Hug a server.  Hug your barista.  Hug your bartender and a cook if you see one.

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