Foot Thumbs

Happy National Pecan Cookie Day!

Once again my plans for a fabulous celebration fell through.. (notice a theme here?!)

I’ve been working long hours at work this week so by the time I get home it’s speed dinner time then bed time for the family.  Sad, but next week will be better!

In lieu of whipping up some awesome pecan cookies, I stopped at ye ol’ Whole Foods and bought a bag of pre-made pecan shortbread cookies.

Win for everyone!


Maybe it was the cookies, maybe it’s because she’s part me… but Maggie had this gem to share with us at dinner:

Mag: Mom, my foot thumb hurts.

Me:…….. your….. foot thumb?

Mag: Yeah, the big thumb on my foot. It hurts.

I didn’t have the heart to correct her – it was too damn cute!  (She also thinks she has two butts… a front butt, and a back butt…. I know, I should correct this one for sure but come on!  Hearing her say “front butt” is too funny!)


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