Happy Birthday Bookie!

Happy National Cream Filled Doughnut Day!

Conveniently today is also Ryan’s birthday – so I’m off the hook for making a birthday treat!!!  Last year I made a beautiful rainbow cake that tasted… okay… but after the actual birthday night we never ate any more of it.  We’re just not cake eaters I guess.

I debated trying to make a fancy cream filled doughnut cake for the event, but reconsidered on Ryan’s behalf.  It’s his birthday, let’s just give the guy something that’s guaranteed to be delicious!  Call it a birthday gift.

I stopped at Mojo Monkey Donuts on my lunch break and picked up all the cream filled doughnuts they had in stock.  photo-3

This included 4 s’mores doughnuts, 1 creme brûlée doughnut and 2 raspberry cream filled bear claws.  This transaction went a little something like this:

Me: (after staring at overwhelmingly beautiful doughnuts for a few minutes…) Which of these are cream filled?

Very nice doughnut provider: (Lists all the doughnuts then asks) “Are you just looking for filled doughnuts?

Me: It’s national Cream Filled Doughnut Day!  I’m bringing some back to my coworkers to celebrate and also some for my husbands birthday.  Did you know it’s National Cream Filled Doughnut Day?!

Very nice doughnut provider: (Looking confused and frightened) Oh… well… how many do you want?

Me: All of them.

Loudly announcing these holidays to strangers isn’t winning me any new friendships…

Back at work, I distributed doughnuts to some of my coworkers and wished them a Happy Cream Filled Doughnut Day!  All were delighted – with the exception of Damian who laughed at me and pointed out how ridiculous it is to celebrate doughnuts as a holiday.  I scowled.  He might be too hip for doughnuts.


After dinner – Green Mill Deep Dish because FINE it’s your fucking birthday dear, we can order the stupid pizza!!! – I presented Ryan with this delightful s’mores doughnut complete with homemade marshmallow on top. Homemade by a professional doughnut maker who is better equipped and capable of creating something as breathtaking as this doughnut.  It’s stunning.  I could cry.

Maggie also really enjoyed today’s holiday and NEEDED to wear her pimp hat for the occasion.  I also feel it is necessary to share the following conversation that happened at the dinner table – because Maggie is her father.

Maggie: (After seeing a Subway commercial) Oh! Subway! I love Subway!

Ryan: I don’t think you’ve ever had Subway.

Maggie: No!  I like their french fries!

Nicky: (Hehehehehehe) They don’t have french fries!

Ryan: Subway is gross Mag, it’s not even worth it.

Maggie: Have you even had french fries daddy?  You don’t even know.

……… so that happened.

I probably say a lot of things about Ryan on here that, though true, don’t highlight how wonderful he is and how important he is in our family.  So, I’ll end this post with a little Ryan love:  He really is the love of my life, there is no other way to say it.  The last few years together have not always been easy, but the opportunity to celebrate another birthday with him is like a gift for me.  He’s the sane, rational half to our partnership – he’s the (sometimes annoying) reminder that the world does not operate in the magical way I believe it does.  He’s the one holding my hand and keeping me grounded when I need it, but he’s also the one who knows that I need to float around in that special magic world sometimes to really be happy.  He’s truly my other half and often my better half.  So Happy Birthday Bookie, I love you forever.

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