The Cutest Chocolate Milks

Happy National Chocolate Milkshake Day!

This holiday also fell on the “morning after I accidentally knocked our tiny TV over and cracked the screen…”

I was going to put off buying a replacement TV and just dealing with the wonky screen, but we also were out of ACTUAL dairy ice cream.  And I forgot to buy malted milk for the shakes….

So, with the promise of being allowed to pick out the new tiny TV, I talked Ryan into a trip to my happy place for supplies.


For a guy who doesn’t really like things – really, he just doesn’t like most things – Ryan has been moderately on board with my need to celebrate National Food Holidays.  There’s a good chance that he’s only in it for the sudden amount of desserts that I’ve been making… but either way, I’ll take it.  He was pretty jazzed about having chocolate milk shakes, especially when I promised to use real ice cream in his and not try to fool him with the non-dairy variety.

No one, however, was as excited as Maggie.  photo-2

She does not normally move at a fast pace.  She only skips places and will get there when she damn well pleases… but she zipped this little cart around Target faster than I could keep up!  Thank God they have these little handles attached so you can hold on for dear life while your almost-four year old drags you around the store!  She then decided to loudly announce – to whom I’m not sure.. sometimes she just talks at the world  – that these would be “the cutest chocolate milks!” There was a lot of “Oh my goodness!” and “It’s so cute!” involved.  She gets her love of food from me – and her need to rant from her father!

Once we made it home, Ryan got to work setting up the new TV while I made celebratory shakes for he and Mag.


I vaguely followed the recipe on the back of the malted milk container… but most just heaped things into our shitty blender.  They both loved them so I feel pretty good about my shake skills.

I followed this up with a non-dairy version for myself 🙂



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