I Remember This Better…


Happy National Hot Dog Day!


I had lofty plans for creating a “hot dog bar” for dinner tonight based on a Huffington Post article I found on Pinterest.  It boasted “40 Different, Delicious Ways To Eat Hot Dogs”, including cutting the hot dog to look like an octopus. I strongly believe all food should be cut to look like octopus.  My childhood was severely lacking in octopus-shaped food and I would hate to have Nick and Maggie grow up without knowing the joy of an octo-dog!!

I bought all the supplies, I made lists, I dreamt of delicious hot dogs…..

Than my mom came into town and I completely forgot about all my plans until WAY late at night…

So I ate cold hot dogs straight from the package while singing “Happy Hot Dog Day to Me” in a sad, saaaaaad voice.

I remember eating cold hot dogs as a kid and LOVING them.  My own kids eat them when they are at the cabin (with my mom – the original cold hot dog feeder), and they too love them.  I remember them being salty and delicious, like deli meat but in a tube shape.

Turns out, they are like weirds salty meat tubes.  And they wiggle uncomfortably if you shake them.  And you can create odd shapes with them – or use them to express your feelings…

But they are DEFINITELY not as awesome as I remember…

*Fun fact, no wine was consumed during this day.  Seriously. Wine-less Gina also makes poor choices.

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