Accidental Vegan Bread

I’m seriously not a vegan.  I eat meat, I promise.

I just happened to forget that we were out of eggs on “National Date-Nut Bread Day”…

I literally got all the supplies ready on the counter and felt like I totally had my life together.

Then opened the refrigerator to grab the eggs and remembered that I used the last eggs to make breakfast in the morning.  *sigh* Maybe next week I’ll pull it together.

In a panic, I did some googling and found an egg substitution chart.  I don’t have a clue what “Soy Protein” is and I’m pretty sure “Agar Agar” is a made up thing… but I had bananas!  Two gloriously ripe bananas that, according to the chart, could easily replace the eggs in this recipe!

So today turned into “Vegan Date-Nut Bread Day”

When I went in search of a Date-Nut Bread recipe I discovered this pin from Kimberly Clifford.  It’s a newspaper clipping of a recipe titled “Grandma’s Date-Nut Bread.”


Nothing sounds more Gina-proof in my mind than a recipe that begins with the word “Grandma’s”.  And it comes from a fucking newspaper clipping!  I love that!  Even with the egg fiasco, this one HAS to be a home-run!  A Grandma has never let me down!


In the process of keeping up with cooking something new every day AND keeping up with a blog, I have discovered that I’m not very good at remembering to take photos of along the way… I completely forgot to photograph anything prior to having all the ingredients combined in a bowl.  The theme today might be that I’m a fairly forgetful person… or that I drink too much wine while cooking… or both.

Everything appeared to be going well – substituting the bananas for the eggs essentially made this banana-date-nut bread which is bound to be delicious.   The only real snafu that I encountered was the vagueness of the recipe.  Grandma’s are obviously way more educated about baking than I am and automatically know that “nuts” probably means walnuts or macadamia nuts and not “whatever random nuts you find in the cabinet”.  Being that I’m not a grandma yet, I used some leftover cashew pieces and thought “These are definitely nuts, I’m definitely doing this right.”

The recipe also said to pour the batter into two pans but as I only have one loaf pan… I took that as more of a “suggestion” and poured the whole batch into one pan.  It looked right, right? It would be okay, right?

I set a timer for 55 minutes and unscrewed the cap on my box wine.  And waited.

I was so excited when the timer went off, the house smelled like delicious hot dates (insert ALL the bad “Hot Date” jokes I made at Ryan..). I tested the bread like I have watched my mom do a thousand times and thought I had definitely nailed it.  This knife was going to come out clean.

Who knew that when you DON’T put the batter in two pans like the recipe says it takes twice as long to cook?!

A little more oven time and a little more wine and voila!  Accidental Vegan Date-Nut Bread!


I brought the loaf to work to share with my co-teachers and they had this to say:

“It tastes mostly like banana bread.”

“It’s…. very moist?”

No one died or got food poisoning so that’s a win in my book!



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