Coffee, Coffee, Coffee!

(If you’re a Gilmore Girls nerd like I am you should TOTALLY get the title reference…)

I was SO looking forward to this day, I had big plans.  Dreams, really.  Tuesday was National Coffee Ice Cream Day.  A magical day where two of the greatest creations could be combined.  It was going to rival Welsh Rarebit Day as the favorite this month.  Coffee is my sanity, my lifeline.  My body is 70% coffee and I like it that way.  The only person whose coffee addiction could top mine is a Gilmore.

Then a thunderstorm happened Monday night/Tuesday morning and foiled my plans.

It turns out Magdalene is afraid of thunderstorms. Not just afraid, she is TERRIFIED!  At 1:30 Tuesday morning I heard a loud thunder, followed by the fast running feet of Mag as she booked it from Nick’s room (where she sleeps when he is at his dad’s), up the stairs only to stop at the foot of our bed.

This has happened before, but opening my eyes to a small dark figure standing at the foot of the bed never ceases to terrify me a little bit.  In my fucked up mind there is definitely a very short intruder (or alien) standing there waiting to abduct me.

So I grumpily tried to convince Mag to go into her bed to try and sleep, then was too tired to try very hard and let her crawl into our bed.  Here is a vague picture of how the three of us slept:


Mag is the little horizontal one, Ryan is the diagonal one, and I’m the little line sandwiched in between two people.  And the Hays’ are sweaty sleepers… only 2 of us slept the rest of the night..

When my alarm went off at 4:30, – the time in which I planned to quietly get out of bed, combine the ingredients for home-made coffee ice cream then put them in the freezer to chill in time for dinner – I literally slithered vertically out of bed so as not to wake the other two, stood in the shower for WAY longer than planned, and put on the first set of clean smelling clothes I could find.

Turns out I wore a Hello Kitty muscle shirt and acid wash jeans to work yesterday… possibly dirty ones….

So to celebrate the day, I grumpily picked up a pint of Coffee Almond Creme on my way home from work and enjoyed it in bed at 7:20pm.  Then I slept for 10


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