Ambitious Nut

Happy National Macadamia Nut Day!

I REALLY wanted to take the easy way out today and just eat a handful of macadamia nuts (or throw some in the air like confetti because it sounded badass), but I know me – if I lose motivation now I’ll never get it back!

So I opted to make white chocolate macadamia nut cheesecake…

Remember when I said I don’t know how to bake? I still don’t. Nope. Not even close. I’ve also never made cheesecake. The outlook is grim.

We’re not really a dessert household (insert weird food person thoughts). If it were up to everyone else in the household we would be a dessert house, but I buy the groceries so take that! (Did I mention I’m spiteful?)

Anyway… Being that we are a fairly healthy eating – low sugar family, everyone has been excited about this day! Nick literally followed me around while I made dinner; asking if it was cheesecake time yet…

Ryan was equally excited but with a healthy dose of skepticism… He’s really wonderful, but 5+ years of mostly bad cooking has conditioned him to be a skeptic. Sometimes I prove him wrong and it’s AMAZING!

I played around with the idea of making a vegan version so that I could enjoy today without the terrible consequences, but attempting a new recipe AND attempting to veganize it seemed like a bad choice… So I went with a recipe from Taste and Tell.

Instead of making one normal cheesecake I made 6 mini cheesecakes. Because if you give me a recipe I will find a way to rebel against it!

Plus look at these tiny graham cracker crusts! They’re so damn cute!!! I saw them while enjoying “quiet mom time” at Target and couldn’t resist!
photo 1 (2)
Being that we live in a tiny space, and are not sleeping on piles of cash, we don’t own a stand mixer.  I also don’t own a double boiler. Could someone please tell me what a double boiler is?! Both were listed in the recipe, so naturally I disregarded them and attempted to “low and slow” melt the white chocolate in the microwave while hand creaming the cream cheese, sugar and eggs. If you’re thinking “I could probably hand mix those items”, don’t. Cream cheese is not really as creamy as it sounds and it will form a paste with the sugar that is uncreamable. Use a stand mixer. Or hand mixer even! Or have a glass of wine and then just have at it like I did… It’ll be an adventure.

The good news is: I didn’t burn the white chocolate. The bad news is: they’re going to be some lumpy ass cheesecakes!

After ignoring a few more key steps in the recipe, I threw in a fistful of macadamia nuts, spooned the batter into the crust and waited while they baked!

photo 2 (2)

Then waited while they cooled in the refrigerator…

Cheesecake takes too long.

photo 3 (2)

Nick and Mag were so excited when they were finished and I have to admit, I was feeling pretty proud of myself too!  They totally look like edible cheesecakes! According to the kids they were delicious. According to Ryan they were “pretty sweet…” Which I’m taking to mean

*Eventually I will start using my ACTUAL camera and not just my iphone… so all the photos will cease to be a weird yellow color… for now I’m just trying to stay on top of blogging.  One thing at a time.



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