Grits and Rainbow Kitty

Happy National “Eat Grits For Breakfast” Day!

Part of why I love National Food Holidays is the specificity of some of them!  Today could have just been “Grits Day”, but no!  These grits must be enjoyed at breakfast or not at all!

Today is also the day in which, every year, my friend Ruth and I take my kids to the Great American Eat Together, aka the Minnesota State Fair.  The key to having a successful day at the fair is getting there as early as possible, which meant skipping breakfast at home and taking time to hunt down grits at the fair.  If you’ve ever been to the Minnesota State Fair, you know that you can find essentially anything to eat at any time of the day… especially if it involves deep frying it or wrapping it in bacon.

photo 1

After several hours of walking and two delightfully painted faces, we found cheesy grits in the International Bazaar.  I was pumped.  I smiled proudly for a photo.  Then I learned that grits mostly taste like nothing.  Like butter and air.  I was definitely full for most of the morning though!photo 2

*fun fact: Maggie would prefer to be called “Rainbow Kitty Cat” from now on.  Meow.

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