Party Prep


It’s my religion.

That’s not really true, I’m a good ol’ midwestern Lutheran.

But food!  I love it.  I spend the first half of my day dreaming about what I have planned for dinner, then the second half planning tomorrow’s meals!  I literally wake up with food on my mind!

There’s a bit of a catch though, I’m really not a very good cook.

I try. Really hard.  Some days I can whip up something awesome and certainly have a few recipes that I have mastered, but on other days… I have the ability to burn spaghetti noodles…

So why then, would a year long project that involves cooking meals and ingredients that I’ve never even considered attempting sound like a good idea?!

It’s two-fold really:

  1. While going down the rabbit hole that is “Pinterest Meal Planning”, I stumbled on the website – a complete list of National Food Holidays!  Literally, there is one for all 365 days – sometimes more than one!  All I could think in that moment was, “Holy shit!  At least 365 people have gone through the process of petitioning the government to proclaim a holiday in honor of a beloved food!”  Naturally this led me to feel a certain camaraderie with these folks.  They love a food enough to spend days and weeks (I’m not really sure how long it takes…) to have an entire day declared in it’s honor, the least I can do is spend an hour or two celebrating their love!
  2. I think it will be fun.  While others are having just an ordinary Tuesday, we will be celebrating “National Coffee Ice Cream Day” or “National Key Lime Pie Day” – both of which sound like fun!

And who knows? Maybe I’ll learn to cook in the process!

(Don’t set your hopes on that one… The year forecasts a LOT of baking….. and I can’t follow a recipe to save my life!)

Wish us luck!


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